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Page history last edited by WikiWriter21 11 years, 9 months ago

Black, bounceing balls bellow back to bacon and bacteria while babysiting babbleing baboons wathing a balarina and bordering a bothersome bull.



Suddenly silly Sally pick up six sticks. And said "Science Seth stormed home." Suddenly  he stopped so sick.  Super Science Steve for Skeleton school stay side by side to Seth. Super Science Steve said " Seat belt sound stop." And Seth felt so super. By: Brooke 



Happy Haley came to my house.  Haley said" Do you have any honey?" Henry said"no".

Haley said  "Why do you have those bags. He said I'm going to Hamville.



"Awesome" said Andy

Adam a apple with candy

That was so amazing

"I want to do that" said Andy                         

"Do what" asked Sandy,

Eat an apple with candy!                                              

By: Jocelyn





Super, silly, Sally sat at the seashore,

picking up shells in the spring while wating for her

for her silly friend Sarah in a super big swimming pool.

 By: Morgan




Bob backs into a boisterous boxer that barges many times into his car.

Bob goes inside and boils and brews soup and water.

Baking it up still a tuff drinking his boiled water.

By, Mason

Mason, I don't understand your last line.  Mrs. L 


Ethan eats erey eels every eving for dinner

and then Ethan goes to bed and he eats erey 

eels for brunch.Ethan eats a lot of erey ells ever week,. 





Skateboarding, Swimming, softball, and soccer are examples of sweaty sports.  Smart swimmers start swimming slowly at first.  Sliding softball players get to second base safe.

              By: Jarrett




      Tremendous Tom buys one bag of tremendous tater-tots that holds 20 tater-tots.

      If tremendous Tom buys two more bags of tater-tots.

      How many tater-tots does Tremendous Tom have?

                             By: Brock



       I love eating cake, candy, and cookies when chatting on my cell-phone wearing my cute cape. when come upon me my crazy cootie freak sister named Chathrine.

                                              By: Krista



ange angerly annie anderson alexander always always always acselerates her ant eaters ant feeding feeder but ange angerly annie anderson alexander always always acelerates her pet apes andersons angular feeder

                                    By: Maddi  

Maddi, Where are the capitals?  Mrs. L


Traci and Tommy take a toad to tan and tear ther trees.  They tilt  a tank and track aTransmitter  . Till they wear toasty and three  by:Kaleb



Crazy Conner and Silly Sally caught comets like crazy out of clouds.Cause Captaincame for camra pictires of comet out out of cloth.

by Jessica





Cupid the cat cut down the cool Christmas tree. He did this because he and his friend Connor hate Christmas. They hate Christmas because when they were the coolest kids in school and they did not get chimps for Christmas. So they were the only ones without chimps. So they were not cool any more.            

                                                                                                                                                 By: Connor


dumb dogs danger delightful doctors



Aaron ate a apple, aliens abducted aaron! Aliens ate aaron's apple.

Aaron asked aliens for a apple, alians agreed. Aliens ate another apple.

Aaron ate a apple again. Aaron and aliens agreed to share apples. After awile

Aaron and aliens ate all of the apples, and Aaron ate a acorn!

                                  By: Aaron ^_^

Farting fire fairy farts fire forever phasing to

fit all fish in a fridge to eat. From friendly Flordia to

Five Fingers and now farting fire fairy.



Bailee Brinkman dose ballet while she is holding Billy the baby. Billy bages for biskets. Bailee Brinkman puts them in a black bascet. Bailee Brinkman Loves Billy the baby. By: Balee Brinkman


I called Catie on my cellphone and asked her for advice. Catie called Cathrine. Cathrine said calm down and chew some very chewy gum. While chomping chewy gum I said, "Thank You!!"

By: ♥Angie♥

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