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Page history last edited by WikiWriter23 11 years, 4 months ago

         There was a young boy named Phill

         Who lived on a hill

         He had a great fall

         And rolled into a wall

         And how he is still

                    by Jonathyn





                              There once was a cat named dawn

                                                                         Who stood at the end of the lawn

                                                                         She sat on the mat

                                                                         And scratched at the hat

                                                                         And watched till all the kis were gone

 There once was a mouse named Lue                                 By Jessica

She lives in a humonges shoe

She had a freind

They were both scared of Children

So was there other freind, Sue

By: Jocelyn


There once girl form Puru.

And she belly floped.

She sang hip -hopand pop.

She never stop hip hop.

And she loved to go club hop.

By: Brooke


                                                                  I know a snowman named Snow

                                                                  Who liked to look at his toes

                                                                  But when he did look up

                                                                   He heard someone say "whats up" 

There once was a girl named Fawn                 And saw his long lost cousin Ed.

One day she to mow the lawn                                        By: Morgan

Her friends made fun

Will she worked in the sun

She didn't stop until dawn



Christmas is a great time of year

Where all we hear is Christmas cheers

Your family comes over

You get a green clover

Then a lot more shopping at Sears                           





I know a snowman named Sue

She was outside with lou

Sue and lou meet Bou

Bue said boo!!

Then Sue and Lou ran to Bou



There once was a ferrit named Jarret.

Whose favorite food was a carrot.

It lived at the mall

Loves to play baseball

Best friend on his team was a parrot.

        By: Brock 


There was a snow man named Jay 

Who stood at the edge of the bay

He fell in the water                                                                     There once was a birdy named Bob

And lasted no longer                                                           Who was borad and just sat on poor Rob

There was a snowman named Jay                                                           He ate P.B.J.

By, Mason                                                                                        In the middle of May

                                                                                          And they both had some corn on th cob 

There once was a flower named extra sour

Who had a lot of flowers

He liked ham and wild yam

He hunted them with jam 

He lived in a tower with his brothers




I really wanted it to snow

But then i saw two blue dow

I put on a hat

and there sat a rat

Who wanted to go for a blow

       By: Krista




There was a fat fly on the wall 

He could noot fly because of his fall

He was so beat 

From walking on his feet

He dide from a fall he took off of the mall.




There was a cow who sat on a cow

then that cow got so very mad he had some chow

then he called a plow

just so chad could see Bow

 Bow was a cow that wanted everything now

                               By: Connor


There once was a panda named Po

Who took a boat to his friend Joe

He took a river

To get back his liver

And to give back his pinkie toe.

 By: Austin 


Ther once way a guy named fred.

He had a very big head.

He realy had to take pills.

Or else he would be ill.

he slept at the end of the end of the bed



There once was a tarter sause called actney.

we all called it factney

Then we called it billy

then we shouted dilly!

and then we all agreeded on philly!

By: Aaron ^_^




There once was a doggie named bill

Who lived on top of a hill

and there he sat

on top of a cat

Only eating some krill

By: Maddi


There once was a man from pure

who dreamed he was eating his shoe

he woke with a fright 

in the middle of the night

to find that his dream had come true

By: Blake 






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