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Mystery Project - Group 3 - Retell

Page history last edited by WikiWriter23 11 years, 2 months ago

Chapter 1 Retell

By: Kaleb

Fact Checker: Paige 

Editor: Olivia



Jeff went to see his (best friend) Ernie P. at the cemetery because he died after he slipped on the slide. Jeff really missed his (best firend) . He said a lot of things about Ernie that was not true at all. Jeff was very upset on one side about what happend but on the other side he was not upset at all on the other side.
















Chapter 3

By: Olivia





In this chapter, Jeff gets a phone call from Mrs.Barber. {Ernie's mom}. She said to come by later today. So Jeff did. Jeff walked up onto the porch an rang the door bell. Ernie's mom answered the door. Mrs.Barber said to come in. So he walked into the house. The two talked some . Then Mrs.Barber says lets go up to Ernest's room. So they did. Ernie had al ot of pictures on the wall. Jeff and Mrs.Barber were looking at all of them. Mrs.Barber was looking at all the pictures and telling a lot of stores for each one. Then there was this photo of Ernie when he was a baby over top of his bed. He was naked on a bear skinned rug. Then all of a sudden the thunder came again. The picture when Ernie was a baby fell on top of the bed. That might of been a clue.



Chapter 4 


Fachecker: Kaleb




In this chapter, Jeff saw a letter on his bed. He reads the note. It says, at the top master plan was lettered .TOP SECRET PROJECT . Then it said assignments for Keppel. He did not understand the letter.

Jeff went downstairs His mom was baking a Leah of bread. Jeff's mom said I have an assignment for you. Celia Muggin has the recipe for my sauerkraut rye. She brought a Leah of it for the bake sale. So, Jeff thought about it.





Chapter5  Retell


factchecker: Paige 

Editor: Olivia 



In this chapter, Mr. Keppel told Jeff to take control of his life. But, Jeff couldn't. Jeff and Art went to camp in a tent. And at the end, a locker got SLAMMED! Jeff thought it was the ghost of Ernie P......and believe it or not, it was the ghost! he wanted Jeff to read the envelope..............







Chapter 6


Writer: Ethan

Editor: Paige 

Factchecker: Olivia 

 publisher: Kaleb


In this chapter, Jeff was at school and he got the letter.  When he got home, Jeff went to the backyard, Because he did not want to go into an empty house with  haunting going on. So, he got into the tent and opened the letter. He started reading  about the witches and then he found out what the T.S.P was. Ernie wanted to become a witch and Ernie was going to send Jeff to take care of the pay off.






Writer:  Olivia

Factchecker: Ethan

Editor: Kaleb 

Publisher: Olivia 


Jeff tried to hide the clippings. It was almost the last day of school. The principal came to his house and said that he had to write a speech about Ernie because he was his "best friend".....he had to say he was an interesting.










Chapter 8 






In this chapter, Jeff is at school. His school is doing a play called the Wizard of Oz. Jeff almost ran into Mr.Morgensen because he stopped walking so quickly. Obviously, Jeff was on his tail. Jeff walked into Mr.Morgensen office. The two talked about Ernie. One thing Jeff said

in the cemetery: the lighting and the thunder came, but I do not want that to happend again. The two

of them talked about Ernie some more.Then, he was supposed to saw a speech about Ernie. The reason that the principal picked Jeff was because he was his" best friend " and only he could say the speech.



Chapter 11

writer: Olivia





In the starting of the Chapter, Jeff almost drowned.  Mrs. Keppel wailed even after 24 hours, she was horrified to the heart.  "I could've lost you forever," she said to Jeff; you could've easily gotten pneumonia!" Jeff sighed.  Because of the terrible thought, Mrs. Keppel had a feeling Jeff could've had pneumonia.  She wouldn't let Jeff take bike rides, go to ball games, or even go fishing.  She just wanted him to rest.  He didn't think he'd be safe anywhere but his own room.  A few minutes later, he recognized he couldn't escape there either.  He switched on the bedside radio to his favorite top 40 station, and the first song he heard was "I don't have a ghost of a chance".  The second song was called "bewitched!"  Then  he found another station, and it was a call-in show.  "Do you know someone with an unusual occupation? If you do, give us a call and tell us about it on the air."  Jeff knew a witch, and wanted to call in and tell everyone about Margo Muggin.  "Go on and do it", he said in his head.  He stopped himself before the MC could give the telephone number.  After that, he just laid on his bed and stared at the ceiling.  After staring at the ceiling, a light fixture became Ernie's smiling face.  "Art is here," said Mrs. Keppel," isn't that nice, Art is going with you." "Go where," Jeff said in confusion, "I'm not going anywhere."  "You're going to see Dr. Palm while I do some errands," said Mrs. Keppel.  "Are you OK,"?, said Art. "I'm OK," Jeff muttered, "mom just thinks I'm going to die because I fell in the lake."  Dr. Palm's office was in a low brick building in Treverton.  "You're Jeff Keppel aren't you?" said Dr. Palm. "Yeah," Jeff muttered.  The nurse is back there somewhere, but I'll be with you in a few minutes.  A few minutes later Dr. Palm came in.  "It says here you've been in a state of depression since your friend died, is that true?" said Dr. Palm.  "No sir,"  said Jeff, "I mean, we weren't close friends or anything like that, I'm just...(he wanted to tell Dr. Palm the whole story, but that was impossible) sort of tired," said Jeff.  Quickly the Dr. checked Jeff's lungs, temperature, and his heart.  He also asked him if his appetite was good...So his wonders still go on.



Chapter 16 

writer: Paige







In this last chapter, Art is over at Jeff's house to watch a movie.  Jeff still misses Ernie and his mom said that Art should make Jeff fell better. Art said to Jeff what really happend to Ernie. Jeff told the whole story what had happend. Art now undersand how Jeff feels . But Art is one of Jeff's best friends so that talk

 was important to Jeff. So they fixed popcorn and more for them two then they watched the movie. Now, the they won't have to worry about Ernie anymore. 














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