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Mystery Project - Group 3 - Theme

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Chapter 1 Theme

Writer: Ethan

Factchecker: Kaleb

Editor: Paige 

Publisher: Olivia


In this chapter, the theme was about  fear at the funeral. Because when the priest said Erinie's middle name, the sky boomed with lighting .  When Jeff was at the funeral ,he was thinking that everthing the priest was saying was wrong because Ernie was a bully and he always took Jeff's homework.Then he would say I'll cut you in on my T.S.P.

(Top Secede project) 





Chapter 2 Theme


Fact checker:Ethan



In this chapter the theme was Confusing Because it talked about T.S.P. (Top Secret Project) because everywhere he looked he saw the letters T.S.P. His friend Art had the letters T.S.P. on his shirt.Then at dinner his soup spelled T.S.P.After that he bit his carrot and then the words T.S.P. showed up. Then it gave us a clue. Something weird is going on....
Chapter3- Theme
writer: Paige
Fact checker: Olivia 
The theme in this chapter is caring because Jeff really cares about Ernie. When Jeff and Mrs.Barber was in Ernie's room looking at all the pictures and the wall. Jeff was thinking of all the great times the boys had. Jeff really missed Ernie and he cared about Ernie.
Chapter4- Theme

Writer: Olivia


Fact Checker:Paige



I think the theme is scary because Jeff is getting suspicious about Ernie even know he is dead. A ghost he thinks. Maybe its because he didn't do the T.S.P. He couldn't understand it! That's not fair! Ernie needs to send Jeff a message....the mystery still goes on.


Editor: Paige 
Publisher: Olivia 
 In this chapter, the theme is fear because the book said that Jeff is afraid of the locker. I think the ghost of Ernie P. was haunting him in the locker room. When Jeff was walking out of the locker room, Ernie's locker was open and the Ernie's locker SLAM ED behind him.A little spooky......

Chapter 6 Theme


factchecker: Paige

Editor: Olivia 



The theme in this chapter  was fear . we thought it was fear because Jeff still thinks that Ernie is haunting him. There is so many clues. He wanted to put the envolope in the waste basket , but he wouldn't his fingers wouldn't let go of the enveloped. What would happen if the ghost made a tornado or something like that?



Chapter 7


Editor: Olivia 



In this chapter, the theme is sadness. The theme is sadness because there still talking about Ernie . Then, Jeff still feels bad what happend to Ernie, and people from school miss Ernie.






Chapter8- Theme






I think the theme is stage fright. I think it was stage fright because Jeff had to talk to allot of people and tell them " great" things about Ernie his "best friend". I also think that the theme is just plain frighteners because Jeff is scared because he couldn't find his last sheet of paper. Instead, he found the witch article..... 


Chapter 11 

writer: Paige

Editor: Olivia 



The theme in this chapter is caring . When Jeff was at Dr.Palms office, they talked about Ernie. But I think Jeff was a little nervous to talk about Ernie.  Jeff told the doctor the whole story  about what happend. That is why I think caring is the theme.




Chapter12- Theme 

Writer: Olivia 

Factcheck: Paige 




I think the theme of this chapter is frighteners. I think it's frighteners because the witch is involved in allot of this chapter. I wish Jeff just told his mom what's going on.




Chapter 15 


Factchecker: Olivia 



I think the theme in this chapter is scared. Because when Art heard the door slam behind him,

It kind of freaked me out like Art was. I think I know who did it. ERNIE P. BARBER
















Editor: Kaleb 




In this chapter, the theme is thinking of Erinie P.Because in the being, it talked about thinking of him.




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