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Mystery Project - Group 4 - Clues

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Chapter 1 - Clues


Writer:  Aaron     

Fact Checker: Brock 




Clue 1-Mrs. Enstrom said "sorry" quietly to Sam, as she went down the hall in Augustus Mansion.


Explanation: It's quite weird for Mrs. Enstrom to say sorry to Sam for no reason, and I think that Mrs. Enstrom said sorry to Sam because she might be plotting to kill Augustus. It might make Sam sad to know that her great grandpa is dead. And Mrs. Enstrom is trying to apologize to Sam, without making her suspicious.





Chapter 2-Clues

Writer: Brock

Fact checker: Aaron 



 There are no clues in chapter 2.



Chapter 3-Clues


Fact checker:Mason


Publisher: Brock






Clue 1-After Augustus told Samto stay away from the urn it seemed to glow.


Explanation: A burial urn is a dead person's ashes. It would seem pretty freaky if the urn started to glow. Augustus said it was a curse, and to stay away. Why would Augustus say that because it's a dead person? I think that if you touch the urn you will die or something.








Chapter 4-Clues


Fact checker:Jarrett 

Editor: Brock 

Publisher: Aaron


Clue 1: The Threatening Note

Explanation: After interpreting Chapter 4, the threatening note actually was about something they did in their past that Augustus had added in his book. He thought it was threatening because it was from their childhood but many celebrities never recalled doing such a thing.


Clue 2: The Code


Explanation: All of the celebrities got a clue including Aunt Thea but Samantha didn't. Augustus was very sure she did and gave her a note that had a code that Sam and her friend used to do. The code was written as 7-5-20 12-15-19-20.  1 stands for "A," 2 stands for "B," and so on. After interpreting I found out the code spelled "Get Lost."




Chapter 5-Clues


Fact Checker: Brock



Clue 1: Someone in Sam's stairwell

Explanation: Someone was upstairs wondering around and tried to look through Sams lock, possibly the killer trying to find Augustus office to murder him but Alex, Thea, and Sentor Maggio were up at night so either one of them could of commited the murder.



Chapter 6 - Clues 

Writer: Brock

fact checker: Aaron 



There are no clues in chapter 6 




Chapter 7-Clues


Fact checker:Mason



Clue 1: Everyone's clue started the same way.

Explanation: Everyone's said ''one will be above all''. I think that means that one will be caught with the murder.



Clue 2: Augustus wanted them to work together on the second clue.

Explanation: I think they need each other’s cards to figure out the mystery of who killed Augustus.



Chapter 8-Clues


Fact checker-Jarrett

Editor: Brock 






Clue 1: Walter moved Augustus' dead body.

Explanation: Walter could have killed Augustus because I don't think anyone would be comfortable handling a dead body except a murderer because they kill people and they're used to that condition. So, I think Walter could have been a murderer.


Clue 2: Sam's asked the senator, "How do you know the door was locked?"

Explanation: Sam made a very good point because I don't think anyone would go in Augustus' room because they could be caught as the murderer and be the prime suspect. He quickly said that he saw the key in Augustus' door and "checked" to see if it was locked.



Chapter 9 - Clues 


Fact Checker: Brock 




Clue 1 - They think that the clues have to do with a song or songs from a long time ago.

Explanation:  Perhaps since Augustus is old he would know a lot of old songs and made clues out of them. The clues were part of the song " Ol my Darling Clementine.''




Chapter 10 - Clues

Writer: Brock

Fact checker- Aaron

Editor: Mason




Clue 1-Senator Maggio said the murder is present and Senator Maggio  might be saying that he murdered Augustus.


Explanation: If the murderer is present he would probably be the quietest one because after you do something bad you usually stay calm and low.





Chapter 11-Clues


Fact checker: Mason



Clue 1: All the clues were about death


It seems suspicious because it might help find the murderer. It might give them a clue about who killed Augustus. Here are some of the clues about death, More silent then tombs are , Give up the ghost. 










Chapter 13-Clues





 Clue 1: Alex followed Sam around the house.




Explanation:Sam ran into Alex when she was about to get the manuscript. Alex also slept outside Sam's door so he could be the murderer. Later Aunt Thea sent Alex back to his room.  






Chapter 14 - Clues

Writer: Brock

Fact checker:Aaron



Clue 1- Julia, Laura, and Thea had all commited murder so one of them could have killed Augustus. 



Explanation: One of them could have committed the murder because they all had records of murdering. Julia killed her friend that was a famous author and stole her manuscript. Laura killed her husband on a boat ride in the ocean. And Aunt Thea had a weird story, she got pushed by a strange man with a knife tired to cut off her purse she dragged him down with her and the knife stabbed in his chest and died.


Chapter 15 - Clues



Clue 1-Alex used urn as a guard when they were fighting.

Explanation:As Sam went to see if it was crcked she touched it and it was burning hot. Sam didn't know what to do because it was so hot.


Clue 2-1 across and thirteen down.

Explanation:It refers to one hallway across and thirteen stones. Sam made up the clue so the guests would know where the wine cellar is. Sam led the clues to the wine cellar because that is where the manuscript is. Everybody didn't know it was Sam writing the clues.




Chapter 16-Clues


fact checker:Jarrett






Clue 1-All of the guests were not found guilty


This shows that the murderer had to be an employee. After some code cracking Sam figured out who was the murderer, Mrs.Engstrom.

Chapter-17 Clues 





There were no clues in chapter 17




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