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Mystery Project - Group 4 - Quotes

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Writer: Brock

Fact Checker: Jarrett 




Quote 1.  "Mrs. Engstrom, this is the daughter of Mrs. Trevor's niece." Augustus said.

 Explanation: I think this quote is important because it shows that Mr. Trevor does not want a relationship with Samantha. It shows that Augustus is a mean man and doesn't really care for other people. Samantha wants to get to know Augustus because he is a famous writer and she wants to become a famous writer to.       Page 5


Quote 2.  "I'm in prison!" 

Explanation: I think this quote is important because it shows how upset Samantha is about her situation. Samantha says this because she's scared, and feels like it's a prison.  It is a figurative speech meaning that she has a room like prison.     Page 7



Chapter 2-Quotes



Fact checker-Mason 

Editor: Jarrett

Publisher: Brock

Quote 1. "Augustus told me to come". He said there would be a game in which I would be one of the chief players"

said Laura Reed.

Explanation: I  think that this is the game called murder. And this quote also says that there will be players so there will be more than one playing this "game." Augustus added a lot of players.


Quote 2. "We're not connected to the road that runs through the island, “said Thea " our only transportation is by boat"

Explanation: If there is no boat then they can't get back (unless they swim) and if the murder gets rid of the boat then they are stranded on the island.



Chapter 3-Quotes

Writer: Mason

Fact checker: Aaron

Editor: Brock 

Publisher: Jarrett 

Quote 1. " Each of these guests had received the same kind of invitation. Threat, Laura had called it."

Explanation: This quote states that most of the guests had come in fear. It also stated that a lot of the guests were wondering what the game was. pg.32


Quote 2. "Please give me your attention my friends. I have an important announcement to make."

Explanation: Augustus is probably going to make an announcement of the game. He will probably give the rules and that will lead to a clue. pg.35



Chapter 4-Quotes

Writer: Jarrett

Fact Checker: Brock 

Editor: Aaron

Publisher: Mason


Quote 1"My current manuscript is not another novel. It is a book in which I intend to make public certain shocking behind-the-scenes behavior of a great many important people."page 38


Explanation: The book Augustus wrote contains bad secrets about every single person that is in the game.       


Quote 2. "You said the clues would lead to some kind of treasure. Exactly what is this treasure we'll be looking for?" said Alex.Page 41


Explanation: Alex is asking for clues to try to figure out what the clues were.  Page 41



Chapter 5-Quotes

Writer: Brock

Fact checker: Jarrett

Editor: Mason

Publisher: Aaron

Quote 1: "I'm sorry, Mrs. Trevor. But Mr. Trevor is dead."

Explanation: This quote is important because it establishes for the first time in the story that someone is dead. I'm surprised that Augustus is murdered. Page 60


Quote 2: Lucy shrieked "He's not just dead, Mrs. Trevor! There's blood on his head, and there's blood splattered on his desk! Mr. Trevor was murdered.

Explanation: This quote is important because in order to have a murder mystery a murder has to occur. Therefore, the entire mystery begins with this quote.   Page 60


Chapter 6-quotes


Fact checker: Mason






Quote 1:" I Think the manuscript was supposed to be the treasure" said Sam.

Explanation: Perhaps Sam is right maybe the treasure is the manuscript that contains all the celebrities secrets and they need the clues to figure where and what the treasure is.

page 69



Quote 2: Yet Julia was the one to tell us the importance of the manuscript. And at breakfast she hadn't remembered her stories or characters, thought Sam.

Explanation: Perhaps Julia one of the celebrities, is hiding something because when your nerves you tend to forget things but why would she be nerves unless she hiding something.

Page 68







Chapter 7-Quotes 


Fact checker-Aaron                        


Quote 1: "I assume that we all have read our clues." (Page 73)

Explanation: The senator announced this because Samantha had found a second set of clues in Augusta's hand when they found him dead. This is also important because if it gets them one step closer to the treasure and they need to use teamwork to figure out all of their clues.


Quote 2: "My mouth was open but not a sound came out." (Page 83)

Explanation: This is important because when Samantha is looking in Augusta's bathroom she find his dead body lying in the bathtub. This means that the murdered is still there because the body used to be in his office.






Chapter 8-Quotes

Writer: Jarrett

Fact Checker: Brock 

Editor: Aaron 

Publisher: Mason



 Quote 1: "Besides if you just think about it, whoever murdered him could murder you too'', said Lucy.page 89

Explanation: They think that the same person who killed Augustus could murder Sam because she is better at solving clues. They are trying to find clues to figure that out.




Quote 2: ''Mr. Trevor was silly about that wine cellar. None of us were going to help ourselves to his wine'', said Lucy. page 95


Explanation: The only room in the house that could be locked is the wine cellar but all of the other doors go to the same key. They think that the wine cellar has the manuscript because the room is locked and its a challenge to find it.







Chapter 9 - Quotes

Writer: Brock

Fact checker: Jarrett 

Editor: Mason



Quote 1 - "You don’t have to" Alex said "I prefer to work alone. 

Explanation: Alex might have murdered Augustus because he doesn't want anyone to work with him and before he found the 3rd set of clues and he didn't want to tell anyone where he found them.


Quote 2 - "You made it pretty obvious when you kept those clues for yourself, and because of that I don't trust you for a minute!" Julia shouted.

Explanation: This quote is saying that Julia probably didn't do it because she doesn't trust Alex.

Chapter 10


Fact checker: Mason 



Quote 1 - "It wasn't murder" Laura said, "it was a moment of anger action without thinking" she said

Explanation: Perhaps she was the murder, or that’s her secret, and also perhaps it could be something from one of her movies. Some people say things that they don't want to when they're tired.









Chapter 11-Quotes 

Writer: Mason





Quote 1 - "Were you looking in the desk while Augustus was still...?"

Explanation: Sam was asking Alex if he was looking through Augustus' desk when he was dead. This is a very good question because Alex had previously denied all help from other celebrities. Later, because Sam didn't want him to help because he could have been the murderer, he stole all of Sam's notes, which gave him the answers to all of the clues so far.






Chapter 12-Quotes

Writer: Jarrett


Quote-1:  Alex eyes narrowed. ''Ask Samantha'', he said. '' I think she knows''. (page 137)


Explanation: Samantha is the only one in the house who knows where the manuscript is, Alex wants to know if he can make Sam admit it.




Quote 2 -  ''You're asking too much of me!''Sam said. (page 138)


Explanation: When Sam says this quote she is trying to pretend she doesn't know where the manuscript is, But she really knows where the manuscript is at.




Chapter 13 - Quotes

Writer: Brock

Fact checker-Jarrett




Quote 1- " I'm freezing! I'm going to run upstairs and get my blanket. I'll be right back."  Page 149

Explanation- This helped Sam get the manuscript because Alex went upstairs.


Quote 2 - " I'm going to close the door at the foot of your stairs and sit with my back against it. You won't be able to leave your room to get the manuscript because I'll be right here to stop you." Alex said.   Page 152

Explanation - This is a good plan but Sam already got the manuscript when Alex went upstairs to get his blanket.









Chapter 14-Quotes


Fact checker-Mason

Quote 1 - "No, not Aunt Thea," thought Sam, "the death was only an accident" (her secret was when she killed a young boy).

 Explanation: Possibly aunt Thea was the one who killed Augustus, as she said she fell out of love with Augustus.







Chapter 16- Quotes

Writer: Jarrett


Quote 1-''Samantha believe me. I didn't,'' said Aunt Thea. (page 176)


Explanation: Samantha thought that Aunt Thea might have killed Augustus. They think that because Aunt Thea killed a young boy in Mexico.


Quote 2- ''Don't worry. I'm going to destroy the manuscript, so you're safe now,’ said Mrs. Engstrom. (page 177)


Explanation: Mrs. Engstrom is trying to protect Aunt Thea because if someone reads the manuscript she is the only one that will go in jail.





Chapter 17 - Quotes

Writer:  Brock


Quote 1 - "You're not in any danger. You're Thea Trevor's niece. Do you think I would do anything that would hurt her?" Mrs. Engstrom said.    Page 180

Explanation - This proves that Mrs. Engstrom would do anything to protect Thea.


Quote 2 - "No. We'd both drown in that boat." said Sam   Page 180 

Explanation - Sam is showing a lot of courage because Mrs. Engstrom has a knife. 




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