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Mystery Project - Group 4 - Retell

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Chapter 1-Retell



Fact Checker-Aaron

Editor: Brock 




A young writer Samantha Burns goes and sees her aunt and uncle on an island. When she asks her uncle, Augustus Trevor,(a famous novelist) to look at her story he breaks into an outrage. It turns out her uncle is having a party, he is inviting many celebrities to come to his mansion on the island. All of the celebrities show up because there is a threatening sentence on the note that if they do not show up that could end their life. One of the maids escorts Samantha to her room but when they get there the maid whispers "Sorry" and walks away.  



Chapter 2-Retell



Fact Checker: Brock




In Chapter Two, Samantha really wanted to meet Augustus.  Samantha's parents didn't want her to go on the trip.  She had to take a boat ride to get to Augustus' house.  When she saw the house, she thought it looked like a haunted house.  Samantha then saw a vase which was really a burial urn.  An urn is a vase to hold a dead person's ashes.  Laura Reed was invited to spend the weekend with Augustus.  Laura started to wonder why she was invited.  Nobody really knew why she was invited.  Laura had to come because Augustus said that she had to take part in the game.  Laura came but doesn't really call Augustus her friend.




Chapter 3-Retell


Writer: Brock

Fact Checker :Jarrett



Samantha is freaked out by the urn and how it glows. This Chapter describes the individuals who come to the Augustus Trevor's party.  Samantha is familiar with all of them. One of the individuals is Laura. Laura is an actress who is threatened if she does not come to the party (like the other guests). The invitation from Augustus stated that if she did not come to the party and take part in the game she would regret it. Another Character who is invited to the party is Julia Bryant who is a novelist. Julia had a friend who committed suicide by jumping out a 12 story building after destroying all of her manuscripts. Other characters in the story are Buck Thompson (pro quarterback), Arthur Maggio (Senator of Nevada), Alex Chambers (dress designer).  Everyone who came to the party is very curious on what the game will be about.


Chapter 4-Retell




Publisher: Brock


The rain was pouring, Lightning zigzagging through out the night sky, thunder booming. Augustus was explaining the game and how if they quit or lose  the celebrities secrets would be exposed. Some of them don't even know about their secrets. The celebrities are furious with Augustus, and August gives the celebrities clues, that lead 

to an unknown treasure. Sam also gets a clue, and on a piece of paper she got a code, she and her friend Darlene used to make and figure out codes.

As soon as Augustus was finished, Sam and the celebrities went to bed and Sam decoded her code and it said

Get lost.




Chapter 5-Retell


Fact checker: Aaron 

Editor: Brock 






In the middle of the night Samantha was awaken by a rattle at her door. Someone knocked her key out of her door so she stared through the small keyhole to meet an eye of someone. Then she poked the key back into the key hole and heard a grunt as the key hit something hard and heard footsteps hurrying down the steps. Then soon it faded away and disappeared. Terrified, she stayed up the rest of the long thundering night. She awoke at eight o'clock in the morning and went down to have breakfast. No one was there except the maid. She got some food from the buffet and then sits down. Soon Lara Reed walks in and slouches in a chair. Samantha gets her some coffee and suddenly Lara perks up to life. As Samantha promised, she helps Lara on her clue. And then suddenly Lara shrieks and then walks away. More of the stars come down to breakfast, each having large purple bags under their eyes showing they were kept up all night too. All of the celebrities meet in the sunroom. All of them talk about the previous night. In the sunroom Aunt Thea asks Mr. Walter, the butler, to go get Augustus. Shortly, the maid, the cook, and Mr. Walter all come back, all pale. After Mr. Walter straightens up he tells Aunt Thea that Augustus was murdered.




Chapter 7 - Retell

Writer: Brock

fact checker:Jarrett 





First, the guests met at the table and shared their clues with all of them. All of the clues started with "one will be above all" then all the clues stated the playing card, like the ten of spades. Sam and the guests tried to figure out other meanings for the word of their cards, like the ten of spades and they thought it might mean they have to dig something up. Next, Alex realized that all the cards kept getting bigger. Nine of diamonds, ten of spades, jack of clubs, queen of hearts, king of diamonds, and ace of spades. It also made a pattern that kept repeating, diamonds, spades, clubs, hearts, and it would keep repeating that. Then, when everyone was supposed to meet in the sun room, but Sam sneaked into Augustus' room and saw that it looked like someone searched the whole room because it was a mess. Next, Sam looked everywhere in the bedroom for the manuscript but she couldn't find it. Then, she searched the entire bathroom. After that she looked behind the curtains of the shower and saw Augustus' bloody body.


Chapter 8 Retell


Fact checker:Mason



In chapter 8 Walter put Augustus’s body in the bathtub to make sure he stayed cold, but the cops probably won’t approve of it. So much evidence could have been destroyed. Also someone went thought Augustus’s room ram-sacking it, this also could have destroyed a lot of evidence. The guests didn't find the manuscript and the senator somehow he knew Augustus door was looked. Alex found the clues he already looked at all of them, and the celebrities where furious with him, and Sam thought she should be sneaky like Alex to find out who the murder is.











Chapter 9-Retell






In Chapter 9, Samantha and the guests tried to solve the clues. After getting Clue 3, each clue had a verse to a song. The song was "Old My Darling, Clementine." These clues were "she laid an egg and it was a doozy," "the bald eagle had many kin." "she is lost and gone forever, dreadful, sorry pappy," "darling, I'm growing old," "it wasn't entirely Jason's fault," and "take a little something from Oliver." After the celebrity guests went to look for the clues, Sam and Aunt Thea stayed back. In Clue 2 the playing card of the king meant that the manuscript could be in the king's corner. The king's corner is a corner with pictures of Augustus with king celebrities. Later, they talked abnout a poet called Oliver Goldsmith, a British poet who lived in the 1700s. Then, Sam had a thought that was too scary: maybe Clue 3 could mean that what was on the clue could happen to the guests.




Chapter 10-retell


Fact Checker: Brock 

Editor- Aaron



The chapter was about finding the clues. The guests had to find the manuscript before the storm was over or the police would find it. Laura discovered the clues were the last movies Laura was in. Everyone has something about their life but they can't figure what it is yet, this was included in the book. Julia found the 4th set of clues in Augustus's office. Julia found them in an envelope that was not supposed to be given out yet.






Chapter 11 - Retell

Writer : Brock




Julia found the fourth set of clues in Augustus's desk. Next, everyone shared their clues, more silent than the tombs are, like Davy Jones's locker minus the sea, deader than a doornail, green as a pea, tea and sympathy done to death, why a sudden death play?, give up the ghost. Sam said the theme of the clues was death but she thought that was too obvious. Julia and Thea volunteered to help solve the clues. Sam, Julia, and Thea tried to think where the manuscript could be. They thought it could be in a locker or down by the dock but Thea said there were no lockers and they searched the shed by the dock and they couldn't find anything. Later, Sam thought it could've been Buck because he had a temper. Sam was going to check behind the photos in Kings' Corner but it was a mess and Alex said he checked there. Next, Alex wanted to help Sam but she didn't trust him so Alex took her notes and he said that he knew her plan and he was going to find the manuscript first.




Chapter 13 - Retell



The storm will end tommorow and all of the fuss will be over. The police will have to be called because there is a dead person in the house. All of the lights went out because the generator stopped working. When everybody went to sleep Sam went downstairs and  put the put the manuscript under her pillow. She read and found out the a lot of the clues. Alex sat by Samantha's door and made sure she wouldn't get the manuscript. Sam already put the the manuscript under her pillow so she read it while Alex was by her door.


















Chapter 14-Retell






Sam open Augustus' manuscript "Tarnished Gold" and started reading. There was a story about all of the guests, including Aunt Thea. First there was a story about Lara. It said she had a husband named Larry who was jealous of his wife and her career. The use of a sailboat, offered by a "doctor friend" then late afternoon a hystercal Lara had brought back the boat alone. Next, it talked about Alex. who was accused of paying too low money to all of his workers. The workers are mostly from Vietnam, with children. So he scams all of his customers. Then Samantha found Buck Thompson's story later in the book. In 1979, the last year Buck had played pro football, he fumbled the ball at a crucial time in the game. His team won by two close points. He claimed a back injury, and spent two weeks in the hospital. But a lot of people say Buck faked the injury. Next there was a story about Senator Maggio. His family is accused for being a crime family. The senator's son is in corporate law, breaking any ties with the Boninos. Julia is accused of stealing all of her stories from her best friend in Buffalo. She also murdered that same friend by pushing her off a building. Aunt Thea's story caught my eye. When she was in a shopping area someone came and used a knife to cut off her purse. She managed to take the stranger down with her when she fell. When she rolled him over she saw the knife was n his chest. And he was a boy.






Chapter 15 - Retell

Writer: Brock


First, Sam had the manuscript sticking out under her bed but Thea thought Sam dropped one of the pages from her stories. Next, Thea and Sam heard thumping sounds outside the room and they went to check it out and Buck and Alex were fighting because Alex went searching in Buck's room and Buck woke up during it. Later, Sam put the manuscript back in the buriel urn because the police would come soon. Then, Sam made up the fifth set of clues, five were the same one across, thirteen down. Who finds a message in a bottle, and on the best of days this is where you find your rays. Alex asked where she found the clues and she was prepared to answer, behind the mirror in Augustus's room. Thea knew something was wrong because she gave Sam a weird look.













Chapter 17-Retell






Mrs.Estorm escorted Sam out of the house to the docks with the knife right at Sam's neck . They both got in a small boat the winds were very fast, and then Sam confinced Mrs.Estorm to get out of the boat(Mrs.Estorm told Sam to come because she needed someone to untie the knots,and Sam said no). Sam kicked the knife into the ocean and they burnt the manuscript with some oil and matches.


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