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Mystery Project - Group 5 - Quotes

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 Chapter 1- Quotes  



Writer: Connor

Fact Checker: Blake 

Editor :Tyler



Quote#1: "Cause there are lots of 'em around, and they've got to be somewhere". Explanation:  I think this quote is important because this quote explains what might be a problem in the rest of the book.  This could be a problem because this quote talks about robbers.  Robbers are always problems because robbers steel stuff from people and places.  I think that robbers will steel money from the hotel and then the hotel will have no money.  If the hotel has no money then they will all lose their job because they can't pay their taxes.             pg. 1


Quote#2 :"The most tasteless thing I can think of!"  Explanation I think this quote is important because nobody likes what  Woe , Moe, and Joe are doing with the funeral home. So this could cause a problem if everyone protests against putting in the drive in funeral parlor. If everybody protest then the funeral home might have to go back to how it was before the drive-thu.  Also, this could be a problem for Woe, Moe, and Joe because they just spent tons of money on something that hardly anybody likes.    pg. 5


Chapter 2

Writer -Brooke

Fact Checker-Tyler 



Quote#1:" That's what they will do?" Ask Bernie, his eyes wide."Put dead people in the windows."Page 7


Explanation - He heard Mrs. Buzzwell talking saying she thinks that's what the sign means.


Quote#2 - "How do they know there will be anyone to put in the window?" Lester ask.Page 13


Explanation - He is wandering if the drive-in funeral pallor is even going to work if there is no bodies for a drive-in.



Chapter 3-Quotes


Fact Cheaker-Brooke




 Quote#1"Do you have a retirement  fund,Dad?"pg15


Explanation-Bernie's Dad thinks that when he and his wife are old his kids will take care of them.They don't have a real retirement fund.  Bernie does not want to take care of his mom and dad.



Quotes#2"Anyone tries to mess with my money, he's dead meat,let me tell you."pg16


Explanition-Delores is referring to the robbers that stole the Higgins Roofing Companies  Vice President and their

retirement fund.  She doesn't want that to happen to her.


Chapter 4 Quotes



Fact Checker-Connor




Quote#1- "I saw something strange last night." Explanation- This is when Bernie tells his friends about the figure he saw last night.   It's also when they started to try to find out if the vice president of the Higgins Roofing Company was murdered,  If so, they wanted to find out who murdered him.


Quote#2- "Not until I get more proof." Explanation- This is when Bernie started asking questions about the crime, investigating more, and gathering clues about the crime.




Chapter 5 Quotes  


Fact checker-Blake 




Quote#1-"What did I tell you" Explanation- This represents that Fenny was right about the Vice president faking his death. The Vice President did this so no one would think he is the robber when he actually is the robber. this means feeny was right.



Writer- Brooke

Fact Checker-Tyler 


Quote#1- "But Bernie,how are we going to prove he is the vice president?And how are we going to catch him after we do? "Georgene asked

Expiation "they think that the vice president is the man in the rain coat.


Quote #2 Mrs. Maruder said " There's something strange about the man in room 52. Therdore."  

Expiation  She think the man is phony man but only want to tell Mr. Magruder. 


Chapter 7


Fact Checker-Brooke





Quote#1-"They`re already on his windows."

Explanition-Georgene is reffering to the bells on the windows of room 52.(the room that the bad guy is staying in, Because they do not want the bad guy to escape during the night.



Quote#2-" Wouldn`t it be great if Salt Water would say it when Mr.Brown walked by?"Page 47

Explanation-Salt Water is a parrot that can talk and Bernie is trying to get the parrot to say "robber,liar,cheat."


Chapter 8 


Fact Checker-Connor 





Quote #1- " Do you have a car?"  Explanation- Mr. Brown might be looking for a get away car. So no one would see him leave.


Quote #2- "We'll see about that." Explanation- Mr.Brown might be making a plan to get away from middleburg.Without being see police or the  cops.





Fact Checker-Blake 




Quote #1-"He likes muffins and pays cash." Bernie said . pg.63  

Explanation- Bernie said this because officer Feeeny wants to be head of the police district. So Bernie lied because Bernie wants to be in the Guinness Book of World Record. So Bernie decided that it is every man for himself.


Quote #2-"Let that be a lesson to us all." said Bernie's dad Page 63

Explanation-Bernie's dad heard that someone died by having a electric razor in the bathtub and had his lights out. So Bernie's dad had a talk to his whole family about not having electric stuff in the tub. 







Fact Checker-Tyler 



Quote#1- "But can you think of a better place than the police?"

Explanation- To see if Georgena knows if the money could be somewhere, the police did not look.

Quote#2 –“What about his wife and children?”

Explanation-To see why he left his family.  And why he would start a new life without his family.


Chapter 11 

Fact Checker-Brooke 



Quote#1-"He bet me he can take all the dirt out of a grave in an hour,we said he couldn't."

ExplanationWeasel was lying to save Bernie from getting in trouble by Officer Feeney.Bernie was really digging for some money if it is there. Page 82

Quote#2-"I am going to go stark raving screaming mad."

Explanation-The Dad said, that if she does that,they will kick her out, and maybe they will get some piece and quiet.As you can see Delores is annoying.


Chapter 12


Fact Checker-Connor



Quote #1- " Check the sewers that's what I would do." pg

Explanation- That might be were the vice president really is.

Quote #2- "Let Moe and me handle this."

Explanation- They might pay with the stolen money and it makes them more suspicious.











Fact Checker-Blake 



Quote#1-"Well, I don't know, there are some awful big tunnels down there, about as tall as a man.  pg.93  Explanation- This means that the Vice President could be hidding in the sewers since there are some tunnels that are as big as a man. Quote#2-  "I'll do it. We'll  all so it. Go get Weasel"  pg.98  Explanation- This means that Weasel, Bernie, and Georgena are going to act like homeless kids and get something that belongs to the Vice President.








Chapter 14  


Fact Checker-Tyler 


Quote #1- "I thought you just needed something to put a candle on." said weasel

Explanation- Because Bernie said he could find the v.p. with a candle and a item of his. A girl in the hotel said that is how you can find theperson your looking for.


Quote # 2- "I wasn't smoking" said Bernie

Explanation- Because he was trying to find the v.p. With the idea the girl gave him.


Chapter 15


Fact Checker-Brooke 


Quote#1-"Let that be a lesson to us all."                                                                                                   Explanation-His parents are telling man that fell off a ladder backwards . They don't want their kids to get hurt.



-"Never loose your grip."Page 111

Explanation-Bernie's parents are giving him a lecture about climbing  a ladder. A man fell backwards on a ladder  and they were tyring to tell them to be careful.


Chapter 16 



 Quote #1-"Every thing is up."  Delores told every body who she is in love with and is very happy.


Quote#2- "Now we've done it!" They are sorry about telling Delores that her new boy friend kissed every girl in town. 








Quote#1- "We have got to climb in there and look". Explanation- Weasel, Georgena, and Bernie are going to go on the roof and see if they can find the V.P.  pg.131     Quote#2-"What if he has a gun?" Explanation- The v.p. could have a gun. He would have a gun so that if someone saw him with the money he could shoot them.







Chapter 18


Fact Checker-Tyler 


Quote #1-" Get Feeeny"Bernie gasped.

Explanation-Becausea dead body was standing up sraight.And when a person is dead the only way the stand sraight up is by a person holding them or it is not dead.



Quote#2-" The hotel" Berine asked.

Expansion- Because the v.p was in the funeral parlor. And he said he was hiding money in the arctic of the hotel.But it was in his pocket now.







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