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Mystery Project - Group 6 - Clues

Page history last edited by WikiWriter22 11 years, 3 months ago

Chapter 1- Clues

Writer- Kila

Fact Cheker- Jonathyn

Editor- Kila

Pulisher- Jonathyn

Clue 1- I wonder why Uncle Ralph didn't want Christina to come to the house.  Maybe it was because he didn't want her to get hurt because he knew there was a ghost in the house, or maybe it was because he just didn't like her.



Chapter 2- Clues

Writer: Kila

Fact Checker- Jonathyn

Clue 1- Uncle Ralph has a very spooky house and when they describe how it looks it reminds you of a haunted house, so I wonder if it is haunted.

Clue 2- There was a little boy at the end of the pier, Christina yelled hi to the boy and just after there was a bright light and Christina instinctively blinked. When she looked back up the boy was gone and there was nowhere he could have hidden behind so fast.



Chapter 3- Clues

Writer- Kila

Fact Checker- Jonathyn





Chapter 4- Clues

Writer- Jonathyn

Fact checker- Kila


Clue 1- Christina went into a storage closet that was filled with things fit for a kid, and as she looked  in the closet she found a sailor suit just like the one that the little boy at the pier was wearing.

Clue 2- Christina saw the boy from the Pier smiling as she read a joke from the comic book that she found in the storage room.

Clue 3- The boy from the Pier vanished in the blink of an eye, and when Christina started to run away when she heard the words, "Go, go away."




Chapter 5- Clues 

writer-  Kila

Fact Checker- Jonathyn

Clue 1- When Christina finally was able to swim from one point of the pier to another she was very proud of herself and when she sat up she saw the boy from the pier smiling at her.

Clue 2- When Christina tried to show the boy how well she could swim he disappeared and it would be impossible for someone to run away that fast.






Chapter 6- Clues

writer: Jonathyn

Fact Checker: Kila

Editer- Kila

Publisher- Jonathyn

Clue 1- The chest that held Uncle Ralph's belongings was pushed aside from the attic door and no one was behind the door.

Clue 2- Christina heard foot steps behind her door, and as they got closer the air felt cool and she ducked her head under the covers.




Chapter 7- Clues

Writer- Kila

Fact Checker- Jonathyn





Chapter 8- Clues

Writer- Kila

Fact Checker-Jonathyn

Clue 1- A man from a news paper place tells Christina the story of how Russle Charles (the little boy from the pier) became a ghost and it is because a man named Dixon, had stolen valuable stamps so when the police finally caught him they killed him and Russle Charles because he had seen too much and continued to look for the stamps that Dixon had hidden.

This is kind of a clue because the truth was told to her, it wasn't something that helped her figure out the mystery.



Cahpter 9- Clues

Writer- Kila

Fact Checker-Jonathyn

Clue 1- Russle Charles appeared when she read a riddle from a magazine and laughed to it.

Clue 2- Uncle Ralph cracked up when Christina tried to eat a pancke that tasted like leather and when she spit it out and looked around she saw Russle again. Smiling.









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