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Mystery Project - Group 6 - Retell

Page history last edited by WikiWriter8 11 years, 2 months ago

 Chapter 1 - Retell

Writer: Jonathyn

Fact Checker: Kila

Editor: Kila 

Publisher: Jonathyn 

     One summer day, Christina and her sister, Jenny, were going to their grandma's house with their Uncle Ralph. When they got there, their grandma was at the hospital because she had a gallbladder attack before they came.  Now Christina has to live with her Uncle Ralph until her grandma gets better, which both Christina and her Uncle aren't too excited about.  She's left wondering how she's going to get through it. 


Chapter 2- Retell

Writer- Kila

Fact Checker- Jonathyn

Editor- Kila

     Christina is on her way to her Uncle Ralph's house and on the way she falls asleep. When she wakes up she is at her Uncle Ralph's place and she thinks it looks like a haunted house. When they got into the house Uncle Ralph told her to go pick a room and unpack her stuff while he went to his so called, office or work room. When Christina unpacks she can't wait to get out of the house so she goes down to the lake in the back. There she sees a boy at the pier and says "Hi," and right when she says that there is a beam of sun and she blinks a couple times. When she looks back up the boy is gone and there was nothing he could have run behind so fast. Christina is left there scared and uncertain of what just happened.




Chapter 3- Retell

Writer- Kila

Fact Checker- Jonathyn 

Editor- Kila

Publisher- Jonathyn                                                                                                                                          

     Christina has just seen a boy at the pier and thinks that he may be a ghost because of how fast he disappeared, so she immediately runs to the house and tells her Uncle Ralph about it. When she gets in she explains what she saw he didn't believe a word she said. He kept on saying things all cicling around, we need to get along and not talk bout this nonsense so I can work. When Christina got board of what he was saying she gave up and ran out the front door to the lake. There she thought, what if he was a ghost?



Chapter 4- Retell

Writer- Kila

Fact Checker- Jonathyn

Editor- Kila

     Christina's mother calls from Alaska and they chat, but Christina chooses to not tell her mother about the boy at the pier. When she was done she gave the phone to her Uncle Ralph and he and her mother talked. When he was finished they ate breakfast and Uncle Ralph told her to clean up her room. When both of them where finished eating Christina went to her room and cleaned it up as quickly as possible.

     When she had cleaned it up she went up to the locked door she saw the night before. There she found that the room was suited for a little kid. Christina looked in the closet and there was a sailor suit just like the on that the boy at the pier had been wearing. She got freaked out and put it down. She continued to look around and found a joke and riddle magazine and quickly picked it up to read and the first one she read cracked her up. When she looked up she saw the boy at her shoulder smiling at the joke. When he noticed her looking at him he disappeared in a blink of an eye. The first thought that went through her mind was how he gotten up here. When she had gotten over he thought she she ran back down-stairs and as she went down she heard the words "Go, Go away!" When the words had processed she felt like she was running for her life.



Chapter 5- Retell

writer- Kila

     Christina sat at the pier wondering if what she saw and heard last night had really happened and tried to convince herself that it hadn't. Se then thoght about what her mom said and started to think of a project she could do instead of trying to figure things out about the ghost boy. She came up with the idea of swimming. She thought she should try to teach herself how to swim because she had taken lessons at the YWCA at home and could paddle around a bit. Christina had thought what a great idea because I could teach my self how to do long distances with the shallow water here. Christina then took off her shoes and began to swim in the shallow part of the lake. As  she swam she thought that she should go out and practice swimming every day.

     When Christina had swam for so long that she ached and when it was time for dinner she was so tiered that she bearly stay awake for dinner and quickly fell asleep when Uncle Ralph was reading.

     The next day Christina went out to swim and reached a great spot she was so proud of herself that when she got her breath she put her arms up and screamed "I did it!" When she turned around she saw that ghost boy smiling at her. Christina got excited and said "Watch this." and swam from the spot she was at to the boy but when she looked up the boy was gone. shen was now very scared and jumped out of the water. Christina went to a bench and tried to think good thoughts but all she could think about was the little and how she had just seen a ghost.

     The next morning Christina was up erly and went out-side., she went to the garage and found a pice of wood sticking out and noticed it was a swing. so Christina went out to the yard to put up the swing.

     First she went to find a branch that was both study and high enough, next she put the swing up and made sure she did the nots like the ones her dad did, and lastly she went on to the swing and swung back and forth.

     When she had finally finished she looked around and saw the boy adn relized that the swing she was on was his, she stared at him and he slowly disappeared into the shadows.

     When he wad gone Christina went inside to eat lunch and over Uncle ralphs book he said that he saw her swinging and it looked like she was having a good time. Christina said that she had put up the swing herself and continued eating. When they were don they put their dishes in the sink and they both went out and Ucle Ralph checked the ropes. When he said they were good Christina smiled and went back to swinging on it.  (She thought it was cool that Uncle Ralph talked to her and thought that maybe he did care about her.) While she was swinging she got the impression that Uncle Ralph was scared to go up and climb a branch.

          Christina went inside and tried to get herself to say something to Uncle Ralph but couldn't, so she figured it would be fine if she didn't say anything.

           Christina thought, It would be different he had actually seen the ghost. Christina also thought that the ghost boy only showed up when people were smiling so if Uncle Ralph smiled he may see the ghost boy when he came.

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